To mitigate the threat of runaway climate change by collaborating with pioneering companies to realize a carbon-balanced economy by 2045.


Identifying and developing business opportunities in the renewable energy field.


Initiating and developing concepts that move society towards a carbon-balanced energy supply.

Investing in organizations that have unique capabilities in carbon reduction within growing markets.


About FreeThem:

FreeThem Generation, based in Sweden and Canada, has been active since 2000 within the cleantech and clean energy fields. From an initial focus on consulting and facilitating technology transfer (between Sweden and Canada), FreeThem has evolved to become a strategic clean energy firm, driving the development and implementation of innovative cleantech solutions. 


FreeThem brings together the following major trends and technology shifts that will affect how energy and fuel are converted, stored and utilized:

  1. Electrofuels, CO2 reduction, and carbon-neutral fuels:
    Scaled production of electrofuels (by combining renewable hydrogen and upcycled carbon dioxide) is set to be a fundamental shift in fuel production. This will allow for a carbon-neutral transportation sector in the medium to long term.

  2. Carbon capture from mobile point sources and cost-effective direct air capture.
    As mobile point source carbon capture will develop in parallel with floating hydrogen generation, it will be possible to generate, store and distribute carbon neutral fuel from a floating base.

  3. Energy storage and DC high-power charging:
    The possibility of storing and providing electricity in high energy-density batteries has the potential to change how our societies and transport networks function.

  4. Ocean-based renewable energy generation: 
    The ocean will increase in importance as a source of energy over the next 50 years. Oceans can and will be used for wind, solar, wave and tidal energy generation.


taking charge

Project Management

Taking Charge has created a DC-powered ultra fast charging system for electric cars in inner city environments. The optimized energy system in buildings combines the latest technology in energy storage, power electronics and vehicle charging. This creates a fast charging system that reduces load on the local power grid, thereby enabling cost effective charging.

Project Development

Liquid Wind’s vision is to store surplus wind and solar energy as converted liquid electrofuel. The company is currently preparing to build a large-scale renewable methanol facility in Sweden. The methanol will be made from renewable energy and carbon dioxide. Liquid Wind is on track to be Europe's first high-capacity facility for carbon neutral electrofuel.


Project Management

FreeThem explores unique opportunities that have the opportunity to create impactful change. The office is open to invest time or capital in projects that satisfy a fixed set of criteria.


Clients & Partners:
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